American Religion and
Literature Society
Founded in 1997, the American Religion and
Literature Society (ARLS) is a member society with
the American Literature Association. ARLS
explores the mutual influence of religion and
literature in American culture. We welcome a
variety of scholarly approaches and methodologies
that will put the traditional religion and literature
canon in conversation with new texts and
perspectives. Literary artifacts may include, but
are not restricted to, print texts such as novels,
short stories, poetry and non-fiction prose from
any period of American history. Each of those texts is valuable for students who, unfortunately, sometimes lack resources for their essays and because of that decide to search for cheap ghostwriters for hire, as it's easier and less time-consuming.

In addition to sponsoring a session at the annual
ALA, ARLS invites all ARLS members to the
business meeting. ARLS structure and process is
informal and flexible. Program topics are selected
at the annual business meeting or over wine at the
reception. Members of the current presenting
panel serve as reviewers for the upcoming
proposals, and an individual must be a member of
ARLS in order to have a paper proposal considered
for the program. Annual membership dues are
$l5.00 for faculty and $10.00 for graduate students
and independent scholars. Dues support the
annual reception and some of the mailing costs
associated with distributing an updated directory to
current members.

ARLS Membership Form

Call for Papers 2006-2007

To join ARLS, please contact:
Kathleen T. Smith
English Department
Louisiana State University in Shreveport
One University Place
Shreveport, LA 71115